Videos are being rendered into files instead of videos

I’m not really sure what’s happening, but I’m taking my video and using libx264 and then quality based vbr at 90%, and when my video is done rendering, the finished product is a file, not a video.

Rename the file to have “.mp4” on the end.

I changed it and the file changed to an mp4 file, but the video is a black screen. Windows 10 says the video is the right length though.

Open the file in Shotcut and see if it is black. If it is, did you enable a hardware encoder in Export and use that? It is well known that hardware encoding does not always work as expected. You should try turning off the hardware encoder if it is on. Also, you should try not changing ANY settings in Export. Just open the project (or click Export > Reset if already opened) and click Export File.

Otherwise, we need more information. When the Export Job completes, right-click it and you can get the XML and the log. You can zip those two and upload to this thread.

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