Video with drop shadow as .mov file with transparency

I’ve tried following a lot of the guides for transparency I could find, but I just can’t seem to figure out how to do it for something with a drop shadow. This drop shadow is needed for what I’m trying to make, and I just can’t get anything else I try to work.

Any help would be kindly appreciated

Here is the file (added grey background so the drop shadow shows up)
pls help.mlt (12.2 KB)

From your mlt I used my own source files, both sized at 1920x1080, same as the video mode. Not sure what size images you are using.

Make 1 change to the following filters:
Fade In Video - uncheck “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black
Fade Out Video - uncheck “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black

Is this example screenshot is what you are wanting to accomplish?

If not, can you post more information, a screenshot, example videos?

Are we talking about Video or image? From the title, it stated video with drop shadow.

The post is a little confusing. As far as I can tell some drop shadow effect is attempted, and wants to export a video with alpha.
Here are some ways to do make drop shadow from something with an arbitrary alpha channel. I am using text for an example with red for background. You need to duplicate the image to have the drop shadow on 2 video tracks above the background. Then, add some fitters to the clip on the middle track:

Lightness in Hue/Lightness/Saturation is reduced to 0 to make it dark/black.
Position is offset a little in Size, Position, & Rotate.
Finally, Alpha Channel: Adjust > Blur creates the softness of the shadow. You can also use Blur: Box, but I do not think it looks as nice. Maybe if position is animated, I would use that to create a directional blur.

However, if text were the real object, you do not need the middle track and can use filters on one clip object:

It is the same idea, but I can instead duplicate the text filter on this one clip: one for the shadow and again for the foreground.

Next, Shotcut has a limitation that when you use multiple video tracks, the track blender only produces opaque output. Thus, you cannot export this with alpha. However, there is a workaround that works in some cases.

Using the example above, change the background color to pure green or blue. Then, add Output filters to chroma key the background. Output filters apply to the output of the track blender. I also add a Key Spill on Green to reduce the green tint in the soft shadow:

Now, I can export that as Ut Video with alpha channel using the provided preset and overlay it on a video track above a background video:

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