Video will not play while editing

when i open a video file it plays one sec and stops and wont do anything else. pls help.

Sorry, there’s nothing anyone can do without knowing more about your computer, the OS, the Shotcut version, the source file (size/codec used etc).
Your PC may not satisfy minimum requirements or may be infected with malware or even faulty.
My advice is to find a local person who can check your PC.

i5 7600k
gtx 1050ti
8 gb ddr4 ram
256 gb ssd
500gb hard drive
windows 10

also i am using the latest version of shot cut.


Does it play OK with other Media Players, in particular VLC (

If so, you can get the media information requested by Steve above by going to Tools->Codec_Information.

I had a movie file that wouldn’t play properly with anything I tried other than VLC, so assumed it was the file that was bad.

We can’t just keep asking you questions. Your question is too vague and lacks any clues.
If you can’t help us to help you, then we can’t help at all.

I figured it out. i just went into settings>video and changed it to 1080p 60 fps and it worked better than before.