Video/VFX made with Shotcut supplemented with Blender Animation

This is a continuation of my sharing of music video created with Blender and Shotcut with some other supporting tools for image and music/audio/subtitle.

Latest music video "bad habits’

This music video is my first attempt to add in a little “VFX” effects.

Note that I have separate channel on video editing/3D techniques channel.
The latest around one of the music video in simulating “crowd of zombies” in a maze and a town square area.
Part 1 of video about maze creation in Blender if you are interested.


thx x sharing !


The last part of my 6 part series online tutorial of how I build “zombies crowd” in Blender env. in supporting this “Bad Habits” music video. This last part 6 of 6 is my first attempt to use voice over. Shotcut remain my choice of video editing.

It also include free Blender file for this “zombies crowd in town square” for ease of following my tutorial that still needs lots of improvement.

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