Video track turned green

Hi. I was editing my video and then the thumbnails on my video track turned to that pea green color. But the video still plays as it’s supposed to - so the green strip is not a blank space. And the “show video thumbnails” is checked. I just can’t use any of the editing tools. And it’s not locked. And the eye icon is set open.

I can still see the edits in my audio track, too.

Don’t know what happened!!!

Shotcut version? (Help-About Shotcut)


You are using a very old version. The latest release is 19.2.28.
Try pressing F5 to refresh the timeline.

If refresh does not work, then somehow your original V1 track got converted into an audio-only track perhaps through some old bugs in the old version you are using. If you attach your project file, I can probably easily fix it and send it back.

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