Video too big after export

So way are my 20 minute videos coming out to be 10gb big? its way to much I’ve used a different editor in the past and it would come out to be 2gb big.

I put the quality up to about 80 to 85% and the frame rate use the 29 instead of the 25 for youtube.

So is there something am missing? Something i need to change without destroying the quality at the 80 to 85 or even 100 percent? it takes way!!! to long to upload to youtube

Are your source clips 25fps?
Are you changing the FPS in Video Mode or in Export - Advanced?

So I use a go pro to film i use 1080 x 60 I pick in the presets the YouTube then go to Advanced and then I change the frames per second from 25 to 29 frames per second then I go to codec and The quality to 80 to 85% and I don’t change anything else I don’t know if there’s a different setting somewhere that’s not right

Ok I just noticed something in the Codec the GOP is at 125 frames is that what’s doing it? What should that be at?

That is what creates the large file. Leave it at default and try again.

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