Video stops at 4:15:10

hi, in playback mode, under the video playback to right of the timer 4:15:10.

how do I increase this?

I am almost finished my first video and need another 2 minutes or so,

not a big deal, I can trim down some of material,


It isn’t clear what you are trying to describe. Please take a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window with the playhead at 4:15:10, upload it here and explain what you expect to happen next.

Add more footage from something or drag a clip further to the right on the timeline to move it and extend the timeline. In case you need to make a clip longer, but it will not go longer you can make it repeat the last frame as long as you want by changing its duration in Properties.

thanks for that,I never thought of that being the issue.

I am unable to take screenshots.

I have tried numerous times.

using firefox.

Depending on your operating system there are various ways to take a screenshot. There are a number of utilities and the operating system itself also has native ways of doing this,e.g. see:


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