Video speed and keyframes

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Are there plans for allowing in Shotcut keyframes in the change of video speed, like any other filter? It would be so gorgeus =8)

Thank you very much.


You can use “Time Remap” filter, it works with keyframes to adjust video speed.

I put together a video tutorial on the time remap filter here:


Problems with time-remap filters:

  • Video duration is static. You can’t change for adapting to speed variations.
  • There is no sound tone adjustment.


Duration is changed on the clip’s Properties page by manually changing the Duration field and hitting Enter. The usual workflow is to double the duration, do remapping, then set the last keyframe as the video’s out point to trim any excess.

Is “sound tone adjustment” the same thing as the “Enable pitch compensation” checkbox? If not, a cool alternative was described here:

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Thank you. It seems enough for now. And yes, “sound tone adjustment” should have been “Enable pitch compensation” :smiley: