Video small within window

I am very new to this software and not very knowledgeable about videos in general. I have created a video and exported it as an mp4 file. However, the actual video is small within the window when I play it with VLC or Windows Media Player.

I am certain that there is a setting somewhere that is causing this to happen but have no idea where it might be. If anyone can give me guidance on this then I would appreciate it.


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Did you enter in to Advanced before Export File?

Yes, I entered 1920x1080 for Resolution, 16x9 for Aspect Ratio, and 29.970030 for Frames/sec. The original file came from my Google Pixel 5 camera, which has 4k resolution. Perhaps I should increase the Resolution of the output file 4x?


I think the fact you changed something in Advanced is the clue. See Video Mode

Perhaps because Video Mode was not set at Automatic that was the problem. I am trying again.

Thanks -


Yes, apparently that was the issue. Thanks for helping.


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