Video slow and jumping

i have just downloaded Shotcut on my desktop and tablet (both Windows 10), opened a gopro video and it seems to be running too slow and jumps, also a horrible noise from the audio. the given speed seems to be 1.0000000 but i havnt altered that. The video is shown on the right side in the large screen but the thumbnail on the left is blank except for the file name.Any ideas would be appreciated please. ps. i have used these videos on other editors and they worked ok. Shotcut looked so promising. thanks Ken

Computer and tablet specifications? Source file specifications?

Just my opinion, I do not think Shotcut is made for tablets. Video editing very CPU intensive. It may be slow on a tablet due to CPU temps and the bios tells it to run slower so you don’t fry your tablet. Or you’re running at barebones minimum for memory just to have Windows 10.

Thankyou for your reply. I also put it on my Windows Desktop and had the same results. I also loaded Davinci and that said my graphics card was not good enough. I cant afford another computer so will have to stick with Android vid pro for now. Thanks anyway. Ken

What resolution is the video? have you looked at one of the proxy tutorials here to possibly work around the performance issue on your desktop?

Hi goproman,

Just a thought, check you haven’t got two instances of Shotcut running at the same time. It’s easily done by double-clicking the icon on the taskbar (if you have the icon there) instead of single clicking. This really slows down the performance. Worth a try! Jon

Also, posting a screenshot or video screen capture might help someone here to work out your problem.

I had the same problem but I have found that Shotcut is not happy
dealing with MOV video files from my iPhone 5s. As an experiment, I converted the MOV video file to AVI video file using a freeware program called ‘Any Video Converter’ and in my case the problem was solved. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply. I think my problem is that my graphics card is too slow

Thank you for your helpful reply. It seems my graphics card is too slow. I tried another software which analysed my computer and that was the conclusion it came to. Many thanks Goproman

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