Video Screen Size

I am not new to Video Editing I did use Movie Studio but I thought I would try ShotCut.

After I open the Preview Screen I get what ever you open in the TimeLine will be Displayed.

But can you set the Preview Screen RES. this is what I mean?
If I open a Video with a RES. of 720x480 can I have it show in the Preview Screen as 720x480 but have the Size of the Preview Screen smaller so it does not take that much screen space?

If I Export as MPEG2. can I Edit the Template to make changes?

shotcut_2018-12-15_16-42-41 shotcut_2018-12-15_16-42-59

You can adjust your windows with these, just click and move to where you want them to be.
shotcut_2018-12-15_16-44-26 shotcut_2018-12-15_16-44-38 shotcut_2018-12-15_16-44-52

On the other hand, if you want to see the preview the full size of your monitor and have a second monitor: Settings/External Monitor
This will fill your entire monitor.


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