Video quality drastically reduced after I export it

Hi everyone, not sure if this is a bug but here’s what happened.
I was editing a 30 minute long video (I’m mentioning this because it’s the first time I’ve ever edit a video this long) and after I was done editing I click on export,
I set everything up like I always do, 1280x720, 60 fps, 100% quality and I click on export file.

After waiting for some time I click on the video that I just exported and well… everything was right but all the editing that I had done was placed in a corner of the screen for some reason.

Then I though that the issue was that the program wasn’t updated so I update it and… now everything is ok but the video quality is really really low. I check my export settings and everything is as it should be, so I click on export file again and… yeah, really really low quality, like 360p.

Some help would be appreciate it, I took a lot of time in editing this. Thanks!

This is not a bug. You composed everything at a low resolution and then upscaled it at export. You increased the resolution in export, right? You should set your Settings > Video Mode to something besides Automatic if the first clip you add is not at the intended resolution.

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Thanks for your answer! I set the quality to 720 now, but everything I’ve edited it’s now in a corner. For example there were some subtitles in the lower middle of the screen and now there are in the left corner of the screen.
Do I have to move everything manually or is there anyway I could normalize everything?

You have to correct everything manually.

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