Video quality blurs

I have been using shotcut for about a year and have always kept the video format to Automatic

I use to camera’s for recording, on is .mp4 and the other .mts. Both are 1440 x 1080 25fps.

I usually use the same intro, so I start with the same file, and then add new videos, and then change the file name.

But today when I start the project I worked on yesterday, it appears blurry. What can be done about it?

“Automatic” isn’t really a video format. It’s a setting you allow Shotcut to set the video mode based upon the first file you import.
To see the true video mode/properties: Click on Master, then Properties.
What Video Mode properties do you have? (Resolution/FPS)

The same MLT, MP4, JPG, PNG, other?
What are the properties of the one you used on your current project?

Can you share a screenshot of what’s blurry? Including the whole timeline, and any filters used on the clip(s) in that section that’s blurry.

…and whether Preview Scaling or proxy mode are turned on.

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