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I Heard that many many people have this Problem. When editing Clips in shotcut the Video Preview is really laggy and it’s gone when you Export the Clip. But If you edit for example a gaming Clip its really Bad If you have much Lags. So my Specs of my PC is actually Not Bad i have a good graphiccard (Radeon rx 580 saphhire Special edition) or is it the fault of the Processor (because i dont really have a good processor/)

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Video lag in an editor’s preview is normal based upon a multiple of factors with any NLE. Computer hardware ages. Using a Hard Drive instead of multiple SSD’s. Conflicting software and/or running numerous memory hogging programs while editing. Types of effects/filters used while editing.

I can see the concern that video is lagging in preview, what’s important that the final video doesn’t lag, which with Shotcut, I have never experienced a bad export.

Probably the best Pro-Con$umer software out there: Adobe.
Here is a Google Search “adobe lag”.

Video editing is very CPU intensive. My CPU is water cooled with a 240mm radiator. Played a VR type game last night for 3 hours solid, CPU never got over 69c. Probably not the best for an AIO set up, but it works.

My computer setup: i7-7700k, GTX1070, 32gb ram, Z270 MoBo, 3 HDD’s, 2 SSD’s.
Probably not the best setup like with today’s newest chips, but I haven’t maxed anything out yet, but I did have an SSD fail on me after about 5 years of service. Point is, parts do fail, sometimes not all the way, but enough to cripple a computer during use. I physically clean my computer out every 5 to 6 months (dust cleaning) or sooner if I see a huge layer of dust, which dust is very conductive and will kill/cripple any computer.

With bug reports, it’s important to disclose your system specifications. While some specifications may not be initially important, it will be a teaching aid for other to learn from.

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