Video presentation editing with stills

Hi I’m a total nooby to video editing, so apologies if this has been covered before. In fact there may even be a tutorial, but since I am a novice at even the terminology I don’t know what to look for.
I have a video of a presentation made at my boat club, the audio is reasonably clear, but the slides are all but impossible to see. I would like to strip out the video from sections of the recording and replace it with still images of the relevant slides for the same duration as the removed section, thereby keeping the audio running alongside the slide until the video resumes once more.
I presume this is possible, is it difficult to achieve?
Any help would be gratefully received

Hi @Dunk

This is relatively easy to do.

You just need to add a Track above the one where your video clip is.
To add a new track: Timeline Menu > Track Operations > Add a Video Track

Then you can drag your images on that new track and move them at the position you want. You can also change the duration of each image by dragging the ends of the clip.

If any of your images doesn’t fit the screen, you can add a Crop: Source filter to the image clip and tick the Center box.

Or you can use the Size, Position & Rotate filter that will allow you to zoom the image IN or OUT.

If you zoom OUT the image (make it smaller than the screen) you can also use Size, Position & Rotate to move it on different locations on the screen:

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If you need tutorials to help you start on the right foot with Shotcut, I recommend you visit the Joe Cullen YouTube channel. You’ll find a playlist of his 47 Shotcut tutorials for beginners.

Here’s the link to that playlist.

You will also find very useful tutorials on the Shotcut website.


that worked a treat, thank very much.

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