Video positions all moved within the frame


I ran into this problem a few minutes ago… the image below shows what I’m talking about

As you can see in the picture, the video on the left is an exported version from a few hours ago. This is what it SHOULD look like. In the project on the right, the clip moved both up, and to the right quite a bit in the frame. You can see their heads are cut out of the picture now, as well as the right side of the graphic at the bottom. This happened to every single clip in the project, as far as I can tell. I have no idea what I did to make this happen, but any ideas on how to get all the videos to move back to their original position within the frame are much appreciated. Obviously I could go through every single clip and manually change the position with the “size and position” filter, but I feel there is a much easier method considering they all moved at once somehow.

You have a filter applied to Output. That is probably causing the issue.


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Thank you. Never would have noticed that.

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