Video overlaping unwanted, undo not working

Windows 10 x64, # Shotcut version 21.10.31

Hello everyone.
First, thank you for making available this free software. :smiley:
Imagine your work is finally all organized. Then you notice you need to run a video instead of 1.1x, 0.9x. After going to properties and adjust the speed, as the video will last longer, it will overlap the next one and create unwanted transitions, and the next one, and so on, disorganizing the entire project.

Even if I undo the last operation, the videos remain cut.

Is this a bug or something supposed to happen?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I’ve experienced this as well. You’d think that enabling Ripple would push the other clips to the right, but that doesn’t work. But that too would disorganize the project anyway.

The best solution I found was to create an empty track, move the clip there and then apply the speed change. When it’s done, trim the clip and move it back to it’s place.

Just tried it with version 21.10.30. It too chops off the beginning of the following clip (even with r"Ripple Trim" on). But an undo resolves the problem for me, i.e. following clip is fully restored.

@MusicalBox that is a very good advice. It can work for most cases, but if you want to keep the all lenght, unfortanatelly it will not work. Nonetheless, thank you for helping me.
@Elusien thank you for replying. I have the next version, maybe it is something new.

@Fabio_Oliveira are all your clips on the same track?
If yes, then maybe this method will work better for you:

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How do you do these little clips? :slight_smile:

I use ShareX to record what’s going on on my screen.
The first video up there is a mp4 directly from ShareX
The other too, but I edited it in Shotcut.

ShareX not only do screen captures and screen recordings, it also incluse lots of useful other tools.

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I use OBS Studio to capture my screen but yours seems very cool. And recording videos, editing them to help someone you do not know is amazing. Once again, thank you very much.