Video not exported

I am frustrated with an issue with my project. I have been using shotcut for my tutorials, but last time I tries to convert a project to mp4 to be uploaded to youtube, the issues is only audio is export no video with exported mp4.
this is the setting of the export

the export process finish without any issues, but the out is only the audio.

I really appreciate any help.

Based upon the only information provided: Uncheck - “Use hardware encoder”, then export again.

Thank you, I am trying it with hardware encoder. I hope it works.

Thanks it worked.
However, I exported videos successfully with this option checked, I do not know why this time did not make it. But any way, it saved my time to try another video editor.

You need to read the job’s log to find out why (right click the job and choose Log…). It probably does not like your strange resolution or frame rate.

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