Video Modee

Whenever I switch between video modes (For example I switch between shorts, and PC Vids, cause they’re different resolution) it automatically switches back to the one I had already been using. So I have to manually create a new video mode so it’ll work instead of me just being able to simply switch between them I am on the newest version and I have no idea why this is happening, please help!

A project’s video mode is saved with that project. So, if you start new, then it switches to the last used non-project video mode. A non-project video mode is set when you change the video mode before open or making a new project and exit. So, just start Shotcut, change the video mode, and exit.

After setting the video mode, I use File → New

All that does is make New Project > Video Mode reflect the menu selection from Settings > Video Mode. My comment was about the Settings menu and having its change saved between sessions. It is not exactly clear what the original poster is referring to.