Video mode what will happen if I change it after well into a project?


I like some ideas on the best practices for initially setting up a project.

I’m trying to understand settings> video mode.

I noticed that after some editing, I tried changing video mode,
and the preview panel and exports showed very different alignment
of the clips that had size and position filters.

I often use clips of various resolutions and aspect ratios.

What might be a good practice for setting up such projects, with regards
to video mode?

And what’s the relationship between video mode and export presets?

Thanks for any ideas.

[1] Know your intended ‘export’ preference before choosing a video mode and before importing any clips.

[2] Aspect ratio, resolution and framerate. (see [1])

Because = See [1]


I see. I think I’ve heard it mentioned to try to use something like handbrake to get all the
Aspect ratio, resolution and framerates the same in all the source clips and images.
Does that sound like a good practice for situations where there’s source materials that contain a variety of Aspect ratios, resolutions and framerates?
Thanks for the ideas.

Not really. Just begin with the video mode you intend to export at.
If that’s 1080p at 24fps, then set the video mode to this before you import your first 1080p video.
For videos with different aspect ratios you will need to crop to scale & fit the 16:9 aspect, so expect to lose some of the image.

I just ran a test to confirm this using a variety of clips from my collection and the resultant export was as intended.

clip1 = 1920x1080 50fps
clip2= 640x480 30fps
clip3 = 1280x720 29.97fps
clip4= 640x480 29.96fps

Video mode 1280x720 25fps
Exported @ 1280x720 25fps

Good to know, thanks for the detailed info. Lots of valuable info tips there.
Just curious now, how did you know what cropping to do?
And did you use the crop filter with center bias checked for the 640x480 clips?
Also, is video mode just another way of saying export preset?

Eyeballed it.


Interesting…I’d like to figure out how to do that.

I wonder what the definition of video mode is?
Is it like a project video export settings template?

I’m never sure exactly what changes when I click on a different video mode.

Also it’s interesting some of the export presets set the resolution numbers,
while other export presets will just leave the resolution numbers at whatever
they happen to be set at.

Is there a manual somewhere for Shotcut so I can look these things up?

Thanks again for info and ideas.

Move one of the sliders (top/bottom/left or right) until the video fits the 16:9 preview frame and all black edges are gone.
Which slider you choose determines which area of the video will be cropped ‘out’.
Nothing could be simpler. :slight_smile:

As to your other points, I think you’re in danger of over-thinking all this. :wink:

As far as I see it, the ‘video mode’ prepares the application (Shotcut) to work with the source you are about to import. This means you will be working in the optimal environment for that video source rather than working in the wrong one. For example, if you had the VM set to 640x480 at 24fps and you import a 4K video source with a 60fps frame rate, you would really be working in the wrong mode for that video so could expect things to go awry.
It also means that when you export, Shortcut will match the resolution, aspect ratio and FPS unless you choose to export differently by selecting another preset or manually changing the export settings.

This is no different to setting video settings in higher-end NLE’s such as DaVinci Resolve. FIrst you set the mode in project settings. If you accidentally import a file that differs, DVR will ask if you want to change the video mode to match the source you just selected.

Nice, thanks. Okay, I think I’ve got it now with the cropping by eye. Strange, being new to these techniques, it seems weird at first like the image is getting bigger in the preview as I’m cropping off some of the image. I guess the preview is adjusting the image to fit the preview as I crop off various sides of the image.

Yeah, I wonder about that sometimes. I guess I tend to do that initially until I get into the flow.

Okay, I think I’m starting to understand. I do appreciate the explanations.
Thanks again.


Unless I missed it, you haven’t given us any information on the source or intended destination of your video.

There is this:

Also you want to resample/convert your videos as little as possible unless you use a truly lossless encoder such as FFV1 or HuffYUV for video and FLAC or WAV for audio.

Each resampling/conversion pass is called a generation. Each pass through a lossy codec will degrade the quality to some degree

The OPs thread was regarding Shotcut and the relationship between video mode and export settings. nothing about YouTube’s recommended stream encoding.

I assume he will eventually publish his videos and if it’s to YouTube then he’s at least aware of YT’s recommendations.

I think it just clicked about what video mode is.
Hudson555x just mentioned custom video mode in a recent topic.
Going to Settings> Video Mode> Custom> Add, I see a box pop up where I can adjust
some of the video elements of an export preset. So it appears that video mode
refers to some of the video elements of an export preset. Whereas an export preset contains the audio, codec, and other elements too.

Hi There
I’m new to this forum, but I’m already using shortcut for some months. I pretty great product, but unfortunately I experiencing some bugs from time to time and I’d like to help to report bugs and make this product better.

As I understand (sorry, english isn’t my natural language) this thread is mainly about the hypothetical question what would happen if someone would change the the video mode after he started to edit…
Exactly this happend to me! I created a new video, and I had set settings >> video mode to auto (as a beginner, I let it to auto and did not care).
First I wannted to start with the sound and I imported this track.

After that my video settings has been set by auto to 704x700 with 60fps (I realized this later). Then I started editing and worked for about two hours with my video until it was done. Then I started to export it. After exporting I realized, that the size wasn’t good and I started to change the resolution through settings >> video mode to 1080 30p.
This messed up my whole work completely!! And I was so pissed off and could bite myself in my ass. Two hours work seamed to me for nothing!
You could try it by your self and you’ll see what happening: All my vides (which were shot with 29.97p) has been strength and all the cuts were on different places: Completely messed up!
Finally I was somehow able to save, it by changing back the video mode to something with 60p and export it. Now I have the video with 60p, that’s not what I wanted, but at least I could save my work…

Is there a chance to fix this issue in a future release?

If my input is at the wrong place, please move it to a new thread, but I thought it would somehow fit to the topic.

Best regards,


Best to start a new bug report thread rather than hijacking this one.