Video Mode on New Project

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Windows 10

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So, I have been “issued” with a new company laptop. Lenovo Carbon X1, now at 8th Gen.

I’ve installed Shotcut but noticed immediately an audio sync issue in that the audio output doesn’t match the video.

After playing around a bit I can now replicate the issue.

On my earlier generation of X1 I can (same Shotcut version and using the same media) select a new video (GoPro) in (Shotcut is Automatic Video mode at this point) and it plays no problem. Never has a sync issue regardless of how I bring video when set video mode is automatic on that machine, it always works.

The new one works quite differently. I cannot bring those exact same video’s in when video mode is automatic else I get this noticeable sync disparity between audio and video. If I then File - Close (to remove the media) and then set video mode to match the video, then bring the video in I still get the sync issue. I’d of thought setting the video mode at this point would fix the sync issue but it doesn’t.

Closing Shotcut and then opening it (video mode is auto at this point), I then set video mode to match the incoming video, then bring in the video (video properties match video mode) I get the sync issue.

If I set video mode to the same as the video then exit Shot, then open Shotcut (video mode is matching same as the video I’ll be bringing in), bring in the video, sync issues occur.

If I shut shotcut, open shotcut , create a project at the same video mode as the video I’m bringing in then press the Start then bring the video in it works.

I always understood that Shotcut (when in Automatic) would set itself to match its video mode to the same as the first video that’s brought in, that doesn’t seem to be the case on this machine (unless the project is saved with video mode set).

As I say it’s weird that this is occurring on this laptop with the same Shotcut version as the other but the other laptop doesn’t have these same automatic video mode issues. The other laptop has however had previous versions of Shotcut installed whereas this new laptop has only had the latest version installed.

I know I will have to be more specific in my workflow going forward (create and save projects at startup) but just wanted let you know what wasn’t an issue previously.

Sorry, but I do not reproduce this and cannot do anything about it. But I will leave this here so anyone else who ever experiences a sync issue, which is like everyone at some point in time or another, can add their “me too!” reply.

No problem Dan.

The laptop specs are similar but not exact. For example, Intel UHD in both but different drivers.

Like I say just a change of workflow but it was nice that I could just bring in video without having to set anything before I started.

Thanks for your time.

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Me too!
With a cheap clone of a GoPro.

It is my understanding that some or all GoPros produce VFR videos, which are notorious for intermittently causing audio sync problems in video editors.

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Among real GoPro’s, only Hero 7 silver or white edition is VFR.


Yes I mentioned GoPro specifically meaning I thought it would be understood regards CFR. I have a few and they’re hero blacks. I assumed they were all CFR but understood on those models being VFR

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