Video looks good in editor but exports as a checkered screen

I have a video (mkv source file) that I’ve imported into my project. The proxy file is created correctly (I can watch it without issues), and the preview in the editor looks good, but whenever I export the project, I just get a black and white checkered screen:

I’ve tried recreating the proxy file, turning proxy off entirely, moving the clip to different tracks, disabling all filters, disabling hardware encoding, and exporting to something besides mp4. Does anyone know what other sorts of things I should check for to try to get around this issue?


That was the only clip in the project with that issue. After messing with a ton of settings, I ended up just rerecording that clip and replacing it. The new version seems fine. Not sure what was going on since everything except the export was happy with the old version… but things are working now.


The checkerboard image means the clip is transparent. That usually happens because there is no video in the entire file - only audio with no cover art such as in many music files. Usually, if there is a problem with a certain clip that has a problem with video you get a white screen because the special no-video transparent clip on a video track will instead show the hidden black background. I am not sure what went wrong, but if you are in proxy mode and experience something odd like this, you did the correct thing by turning off proxy mode to check it.
Another thing to do on a problematic clip is inspect its media attributes in Properties where you can go a level deeper by choosing menu-button > More Information and even run menu-button > Start Integrity Check Job. I am glad you solved it.

Thanks for the response. That’s good information. I’ll have to try that integrity check next time.

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