Video length is reduced on upload


I am very impressed with this software - brilliant!

I record my video and audio separately, and I always ensure that the audio starts after the video recording and ends before the video recording, so that I can easily sync the sound in Shotcut - a joy after struggling with this task in other well-known software that shall remain unnamed :wink:

I have noticed that when I upload a video of e.g. 11 minutes, only the first 10 minutes end up in Shotcut.

However, when I make a copy of the exact same video and then upload the copy to Shotcut, the entire video of 11 minutes is uploaded. This happens all the time - not just with one video, regardless of the video length.

How can I prevent this?


For what it’s worth - I have discovered that if I upload any video directly into the playlist, the last minute is cut off. I then have to make a copy of the original, and if I upload the copy into the playlist, nothing is cut off from the copy.

However, if I close the playlist and upload the video directly into the source area, then open the playlist and then drag the video into the playlist, there is no problem.

The developers may want to take note of this?