Video length bug

So I have had this bug for so long and I get annoyed when it happens I will get a clip that I want to edit and put it into the playlist it then says it is 77 hours and 44 minutes I then reload it and the same thing happens I copy it and it happens i can watch it at its normal length when I open it on my desktop but it gets glitched on shot cut. Also when I put it into my timeline it crashes PLEASE HELP!!

Someone at this time 12 people viewed this post but no one answered please help me

Not every video can be loaded perfectly. This can happen with a corrupt file. I cannot tell you why it does with one program and not another. Not unless you give me the file. In any case, try this. After you open the file, while it is still in the Source player, click Properties, and edit the Duration. Enter something similar to what another program tells you. The format is in hours:minutes:seconds:frames (HH:MM:SS:FF). It does not need to be exact. You can probably just set frames to 0. Now, add it to the Timeline. It probably crashes because 77 hours is exceeding some numerical limit somewhere in the code.

ok thank you

The people in this forum are either users just like yourself, learning Shotcut, to people who wish to help others with Shotcut with questions and problems that come up.

You wrote about a bug, but only gave the results of the bug. Giving full instruction of how one could create the problem from scratch, Shotcut version, computer specs, Operating system, source file specifications, screenshots all help solving this issue. Even if you provide this information will not guarantee you’ll get an answer the same day/week in any tech support forum. Providing this info will set people trying to find if they get the same results. And people may still want other information about your project to help you and to help fix the issue.