Video keeps making shotcut freeze

I recently captured some gameplay via radeon relive and went to edit it in shot cut however, whenever i use this video it plays fine, as soon as I pause it to make an edit or cut the video freezes and will not play again. it only does it for this video and all others work fine.

Any suggestions how to fix?

Already tried restarting my PC, updating shotcut to the latest version, uninstalling and re-installing shotcut but no joy…

Convert video to shotcut-friendly format. Go to the properties tab, click on the convert button.

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Thanks - do I do this within shot cut? all videos are already in MP4 format never had any problems before so not why it’s different now

MP4 is just a container in which the video is encoded, most likely with the h264 or h265 codec. Each video file is encoded with different codec options, despite the fact that they have the same container. The video file most often consists of i-frames (frames in which there is direct information about the image, as if it were jpeg) as well as p-frames and b-frames, these types of frames do not carry any image, but only the difference between two adjacent i -frames, due to this, effective video compression occurs. But for any video editor, the presence of these p-b-frames is a problem, as a result of which such troubles as in your situation can happen. If you convert the video with the convert button to shotcut, it will create a file in which all frames will be only i-frames, it is much easier for any video editor to work with such a video file, playback will be noticeably smoother, but such a video file will take up much more space on the drive.

Thank you for the advice however, I have converted as directed but the same issues continues. It allows me to import it but as soon as I click anything the video then stops and will not respond and shot cut subsequently crashes. I have re-tried this about 15 times now.

I have no idea what else to try other than to give up.

Describe your computer. What processor? What operating system? RAM, video card? Type of media (ssd or hdd), its volume and amount of free space on the system partition? I have a rather weak laptop with two operating systems (windows 10 and linux), I have not encountered such problems, as it meets the mini-scale requirements that are necessary for shotcut to work. You can see these requirements on the main page of the shotcut website.

In addition to the questions from @dimadjdocent, could you also share a screenshot of the properties panel for one of your clips?

Running AMD Ryzen 7 5700x processor
Windows 10
Corsair vengeance pro ram 32gb
2tb ssd

not sure what you mean by space on system partition, I should mention i’m very new to the PC scene:

Sure… this is the video that i’m having issues with, I tried it on Da Vinci Resolve and it works fine and also plays back fine in media player which is why I feel like it’s something to do with shotcut… thanks for the help I appreciate it.

Sorry forgot to add my GPU is AMD RX 6750xt

Unfortunately, I don’t see any hints in the properties panel. And I think your computer specs are pretty good for this. We would have to dig deeper into the video encoding of the source clips to understand what is giving Shotcut trouble. In general, I know that screen capture programs can use a lot of “tricks” that make encoding easy, but editing difficult. We don’t have a lot of people around here asking about Relive. But OBS Studio is pretty common and there are settings to optimize to make OBS settings work better in Shotcut. Maybe you can share a screenshot of your Relive encoding settings and we can make some suggestions. Else, you can use the “Convert…” feature in Shotcut to make the videos work better. But for your files, that will take a long time and space.

Thanks for the response mate I really appreciate it. So reckon OBS would be a better option? I might look into that and see how I go, I’m really not super tech savvy and no much about editing i’m just a casual youtuber who uploads gameplay videos.

I will look into capturing via OBS and see if this makes a difference, thank you once again.

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@brian just thought I’d let you know it seems to be Radeon Relive the that’s the issue I’ve tried it a couple times now with OBS and all seems to work great, thanks again.

Glad to here it. There are multiple references to OBS on this forum and the general advice is to make sure you have it configured to record “Constant Frame Rate” to have the best editing experience in Shocut.

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