Video jumps every cut

Hi, everyone! Just starting out in using Shotcut. I really liked the fact that I can use it with a 32-bit Windows laptop. Anyways, about my problem. Every time I export my video there always seem to be jumps right after the cut, like the video just jitters out every shot.

I really can’t explain it other than by showing an example video I edited:

An example of that jittery jump at the cut can be seen at 0:28, 0:51, 0:59… basically, every other cut to the next shot.

I may be doing something wrong with the export settings, but I noticed that my cuts at the Timeline or Playlist have subtle jitters just like that, it only becomes more apparent and annoying after export. Any comments would be helpful! Thanks.

I’ve seen this problem before. Try setting Deinterlacer to “One Field (fast)”

I’m new to Shotcut, However, (and I am probably wrong)… It looks like you are using an old tape type format of camera. Not digital, (am I right)? I seem to remember back in the days… the old 8mm cassette tapes used to do that when they lost their tape tensioner…
Where the tape feed spool was jerked up to speed… A telltale sign that made me think of this, was seeing the horizontal line of distortion that appears at

Look between the heads of the guys at the table at about the eye level. Digital cameras don’t do this do they? Well, mine don’t leastways and I have some very old digital cameras! Just a thought.

Like I said, I’m probably wrong, but if I am right, it’s the camera, not Shotcut since it doesn’t happen at every cut does it. Probably only those cuts you used where you started filming at that point…And prob why no-one else has answered this topic except the Andies :wink: (boom boom)!