Video jerks or hangs after export

Hello my friends of the sun!

I have a problem with Shotcut. I have videos with a frame rate of 23.98, which is also displayed in Shotcut. These videos run quite smoothly.
However, once I export one of these videos with exactly the same settings as the original video, the exported video runs with a lot of stuttering at the same frame rate.
I couldn’t understand why the original video with a frame rate of 23.98 runs much smoother than after conversion.

So, through experimentation, I found a new method to download the video without exporting it.
When I click on the properties of the video, there are three dashes at the bottom. One of these options is “Extract Sub-clip”. As soon as I save the video using this option, the exported video runs exactly as smoothly as the original video. However, there’s also a problem there.

When I cut the video (not from the beginning, but in the middle of the video) under the project timeline, the first few seconds hang in the exported video.

Example 1:
Video A is 20 minutes long. I cut from the beginning of the video to the 5-minute mark, everything is okay.

Example 2:
Video B is 20 minutes long. I cut from the middle of the video to the end. Problem: The first 2-3 seconds hang, and then the video starts after a few seconds.

It’s frustrating, especially if, for example, it’s a song, and I miss the first 3 seconds because it hangs. Does anyone know a solution for this? I appreciate any helpful answers!

Unfortunately, not all clips are created equal. The problems you are describing are common for clips with a long GOP, or that use transport stream format. Depending on where the clips come from, there might be a setting in your capture device to change the recording format.

If you share a screenshot of the properties panel for your clip, we might see some clues. But maybe not. Mine looks like this:

If you are willing to share a short example clip, I am willing to look at it more closely to see if I can find the problem.

As a test, you could also try to convert the video before making your cuts. We find this often makes the trouble clips workable, but the disadvantage is extra steps and a temporary “Converted” file on your hard drive. If you want to try this test, just click on the “Convert…” button in the properties panel and wait for the job to complete.

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Thank you very much for your answer! Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to solve the problem. I have recorded a screen that shows the problem.

As you can see in the video, the extracted video does not start from the beginning, but takes several seconds to play

The 2nd example is when I convention the video with the same settings, it also plays the video incorrectly… I have also recorded a screen for this.

As one more test, I wonder if you could try the convert method again, but do not check the “Use subclip” option. Convert the entire clip from the very beginning. Then, use trimming on the fully converted clip.

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