Video is exported with audio only

Good morning friends, I already looked here on the forum for all possible solutions to the problem, but I was not successful, the problem is that when I export the video and open the .mp4 file it only reproduces the audio of the project. The business is already starting to get weird when I notice that the generated file is much less than an ordinary video file. I would appreciate a lot of help from you!

A frequent cause of this is exporting with the “Hardware Encoding” option set. If this applies to your export clear the option and try exporting again.

Which export preset did you choose?

Did you change any advanced settings?

If you open the exported file in Shotcut, does Shotcut show video?

After you export, in the Jobs panel, you can right click on the export job and there is an option to “View Log”. Save the log and share it here so we can look at it.

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