Video is black after adding text filter


I’m new to Shotcut. I just downloaded the app yesterday and I like it a lot!
I’ve been editing today and I wanted to add a simple text overlay. When I wanted to add a black background to my simple text to my whole vid became black…

I’ve been looking into the filters and the simple text filter is gone. How can I get my vid back?

I’ve been looking on the fo

rum, but I can’t find my answer

I also added some crop filters in the original vid, but I can’t find them either…

From your screenshot you’ve selected your track header.

Select the clip you have the filters on, click on Filters at the top, and make sure you on the Filters tab.

It’s unclear to me what you put a text filter on based upon your screenshot.

This is normal for a back background with the Text:Simple filter.
When you pick a color it assigns an Alpha Channel setting of 255
Not picking a color, default Alpha Channel setting is 0 (transparent).

This is also normal for a black background with the Text:Simple filter
I lowered this setting to 100.

Hey thanks for your help.
I already looked into that yesterday.
It was my logo with transparant background that turned into a black background. I fixed it just now.

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