Video in picture weird question

Hi there, I want the left side of my video to be on the absolute center of my picture. What is the correct position degree? How do I calculate this? I currently am using the size postition and rotate filter.
Pretty sure the position part is the only part that matters, size isn’t too much of a concern.
On a 4:3 video the default position is 240,0 and size is 1440x1080. On a 16:9 video, the default position is 1,0
I would’ve thought it was 0,0 for the size position, as that in math, that is where the absolute center is, but it doesn’t seem to be correct.
The video mode is HD 1080p 30 FPS

According to my calculations the first coordinate position seems to be around 800-900 something in order to make the left side of the video be on the absolute center. I still don’t know the actual number. It is possible that this could be wrong and there may be distortion at the preview screen.
For size mode, horizontal fit, and vertical fit, I have fill, center, and middle

With those parameters 960,0 will put the left side of your video at the exact center of the screen assuming your video resolution is 1920 x 1080.


Thanks, just one small question.
I noticed you have two lines on your picture running horizontally and vertically.
How can I see these lines?

That is the grid. Activate it by clicking this:

Default is a 2x2grid. Use the drop down to get a denser grid.


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