Video in 4k, Project in Full HD. How to work with them?

Hey guys!

I have some videos in 4k and some in Full HD.
I am creating my project in Full HD. I would like to use my 4k files as well. With my 4k files, I would like to move my video in the scene, I mean, make different compositions, just moving and zooming in or our my 4K file.

I do this in different editing programs, but I can’t do it here in ShotCut.
When I add a 4k video into my timeline, it should appear cropped in the project, because the image is bigger than the full hd format. Do you know what I mean?

I cant deal with that. I need my 4k videos to appear cropped in the project, without losing quality. That’s why I recorded them in 4k.

I appreciate any help.

Shotcut is going to default them to scaled down, but you can use the size/position filter to reset their size to 3840x2160 and then position what section you want. You could even add a second video track in the timeline and apply the filter to that if you want to crop all of your 4k videos exactly the same.

This is from a “news roundup” video I did with all the clips that weren’t me talking showing up in the upper left of the screen scaled to one size.

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Thank you for replying.

So, I should put manually there 3840, right? But it takes the zoom to 200%.

It’s not taking the quality down?

No it shouldn’t hurt the quality, and yes putting 3840 means the full size is shown but since your viewport is only 1920 you’d see just the center crop by default

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Perfect! Thank you very much.

You helped a lot!!!

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