Video has flahses of color after export

Video seemed fine while editing. Once exported, there are several occasions when a green / pink screen of color flashes across the screen. I captured once such occasion in screen shot below. Any easy fix for this?

Is the flash always in the same place? Maybe there is a filter that is one frame long. Or perhaps there is a tiny gap between clips on your timeline.

If you can post a screenshot of your timeline/project, maybe people could make suggestions.

Thanks. Flashes seem to be always in same place. Copying relevant section of timeline, with flashes occurring at
11 seconds
14 seconds
39 seconds

Screenshot is on sec 39- I realized the flash occurs in the mit file as well, not just post-export.

Do the flashes occur if you just open the clip in Shotcut without putting it on the timeline?

Maybe Shotcut is having trouble decoding your file. You could try to click the “Convert” button in the clip properties panel and see if the flashes occur in the converted file.

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Thanks, tried exporting and converting, but the flashes keep occurring (attaching screenshot of flash in converted file)

That was a helpful test. It suggests that Shotcut is having trouble with your source file.

In the Properties Panel menu there is an option for “More Information”. Can you select that and provide the output in this thread?

Be sure to run it on your original source file, not the converted file.

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Thanks for sharing the “more information”. Unfortunately, nothing jumps out at me as the cause of the flashes. Do other programs play the source files without flashes? As an experiment, maybe you can use a different tool like Handbrake to convert the files.

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Seems like this is an issue in the source file.
I found a quick fix for this- since the flashes last for only a couple hundrendths of a second, I simply cut the video track during all the tracks. Seems imperceptible to the naked eye, so it’s good enough for now. Thanks for your suggestions thus far!


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