Video gets cropped down and cuts off text when I export

Every time I export a video that has text in it, if I position the text right on the edges of the video it always gets cropped and some of the text is cut off. The whole video is cropped down smaller in my export than the project I worked from in Shotcut. I have to leave a margin around the text so it doesn’t get cropped off. What am I doing wrong?

Are you using one of the Preview Scaling settings when editing and previewing the video?

I was experimenting with preview scaling. I just recently downloaded the last upgrades. I was behind on upgrading the software. But it was happening to me before I had the option to use preview scaling and now that I do have the option. What would be the preview scaling that would give me the correct aspect ratio to preview my 16 x 9 aspect ratio export?

From what I can tell, the preview scaling only changes the quality of the image. It does not seem to change the aspect ratio.

For now, leave off the Preview Scaling, it sounds like your problem is not related to that.
Are you changing the resolution in Export > Video?
Do you see the problem if you play the exported file in Shotcut?

I have left it on the default–1920 x 1080. When I put the exported video back into Shotcut it plays without cutting off anything. When I play it through any of my media players–VLC, Windows Media Player, and Photos, it crops the video. As an experiment, I posted it on Facebook and it did not crop it. It did not get cropped on YouTube either.
I do have an extra wide computer screen, if perhaps that has anything to do with it?

It seems like maybe it’s a PC problem and not a Shotcut problem. Thanks for the help!

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