Video format, codec and color space used, how to see them together

occasionally, reopening videos I’ve already worked on, I happen to see a simple window open on the left of the screen at the same time, which summarizes the main settings that I gave to that video when exporting. For example, it indicates the name of the Format, the Codec and the Color Space.
Most likely this window opens following some settings, perhaps temporary, that I have unknowingly given anyway.
I’d like to review this window every time I view a video. Also because, based on my expectations, it allows a quick check on the correctness of all these settings.

Can you tell me the procedure to see her again?
Thanks in advance.

The properties panel will give you that information.

Thanks Sauron for your interest, but the window I am referring to is another.
Unlike the one you illustrated, the color space set is also shown in that other window.
Moreover, regarding the information on the codec used, unlike the window you indicated, the one I am looking for, as far as I remember, indicates not a series of codecs, but only the one used in exporting the video.

Maybe you are looking for the master track/timeline properties.


I remember that the window has very similar graphics.
It seems this, although I seemed to remember that in addition it also indicated the Format and the Codec used. But maybe I’m wrong.

Can you tell me with which procedure I could open it?

To get the project properties, click on “Master” in the timeline, then on Properties.

If it’s clip related, click on the clip, then Properties, then you’ll see a 3 line icon, click on that.
Click on More Information.

Thanks Sauron and Hudson555x, you have solved the problem.
I add that I did not know the result obtainable with the use of the MASTER key plus the PROPERTIES key.

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