Video filter "Text" preset combo looses value

Greetings (new user here, seems a nice program!!).

Version: 191020
Test case details:
» have a clip in timeline
» access the clip’s Filters
» add “Text” filter
» choose some preset (ex: Slide in from left)
» mouse left click on track rectangle on left (gui now show track’s filters - none, correct)
» mouse left click on clip (gui now show clip’s filters - it has the “Text” filter, correct)
Bug: but the Preset combo widget shows a blank value, instead of the name of the preset chosen.
Remarks: the clip’s “Text” filter is still using the proper preset!! (only the preset widget is not saying it anymore).


This has come up before. This applies to all filters and not just Text: Simple. Once a preset is applied, you may change anything and then it no longer matches the preset. Shotcut does not save what you chose as a preset for when you revisit, and it does not track if you have deviated from the preset values. Don’t forget about every nuance of keyframes as well. Yes, this could be added theoretically but it is a lot of code to add and maintain that can easily introduce bugs for something of such minor value. I have no plans to address this.

Oki doki! Thanks for the explanation.

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