Video fade out works intermitenlty

Hi, running SC on Windows. The video fade out doesn’t seem to work sometimes (in the exported file).
I export to MP4 in HD.
The effect shows correctly in the timeline but not in the exported video.

It looks like the part of the fade out is completely removed… the exported video ends suddenly at the point where the fade out is supposed to start… Anybody any ideas?

OK, I understand this is a free application but for me it’s useless.
And it’s not free when you waste hours trying to figure a problem.
And they are everywhere…
Putting a text shows fine in the preview but not in the exported file.
Also, have an audio fade out but in the exported file when it starts the screen goes white.
Too buggy!

You did not say what version you are using. I do not experience the problems you describe with the latest version 18.08.11. Maybe you should just use something else since you are so dissatisfied.

My apologies. It seems the problem is hardware related. I had the issues on Lenovo laptop (X230) which is old.
Then I tried it on a newer laptop (again Lenovo but still not very new).
I couldn’t replicate the issues I had on the first during the tests on the second laptop.
But I had other issues.
And I just tested on a PC… again, 5-6 year old.
I had best results with the PC.
BTW, I am downloading the latest 64bit version.
Thanks for your efforts. I have tried other software but I like SC for it’s simplicity.