Video exports as 200+ FPS

This has been happening for a while for me with Shotcut. Basically when I export a video, it says that it’s a 200+ FPS video in the details tab. But when playing the video it plays at 60 FPS. See attached image:

Also, putting the video into Shotcut and looking at the properties tab reveals that it’s the frame rate that I set it as in the export settings.

Anyone know why this might be happening? I’m using the newest version of Shotcut. Also, here are the settings I use for the export:

I was having issues with playing the video on VLC Media Player, where it would play like a corrupted video or as if my hard drive was not able to keep up the video player. But it turned out that VLC Media Player was not up to date and after the update, that went away.

For 59.94 video, the frame rate should be 60000/1001. Try deleting frame_rate_num and frame_rate_den from the other tab.

I would guess that this happened because you are using “Automatic” video mode. For best results, choose a specific video mode before starting your project.

Actually that was one of the many things I tried to see if I could fix the problem myself. When I that, all it did was change the FPS number by -1 in the rendered file.

I messed around with the GOP, by changing it to 29, then to 1, then tried 30 again but also checked the “Fixed” setting. I also tried removing all the special effects, including transitions. But to no avail…

This might be just a visual bug with in windows. Since, Shotcut displays the FPS as what I programmed it to be in the export settings; when I place the rendered video in the program and look at it’s properties.

With rendering shorter videos the 200+ FPS thing does not happen with the file. So it could be that the program inputting the incorrect FPS information when it’s finishing up the render with long videos. Today I will try different settings from Shotcuts list, to see if I can get a different result.

Edit: Actually I’m not using the automatic mode. Those settings are part of a custom preset I made yesterday, which I also saved to the “custom” list.

In your custom settings, what did you set the frame rate to?

I set it to 59.9401 (the frame rate that my camera does), but it also changes around based on what frame rate the files I put in the playlist. So I have to re-input the frame rate as 59.9401 before I export the video.

The “Add Custom Video Mode” dialog only allows 3 decimals. So do you mean “59.940” or are you referring to a different setting somewhere?

This should not happen when the video mode is not set to “Automatic” - which makes me wonder if you accidentally have “Automatic” set.

If you have created a custom video mode, are you sure you have it selected in Settings->Video Mode? Maybe a screenshot of Settings->Video Mode would help me understand.

For me the program allows me to use 6 decimal places.

I tried out the provided Youtube preset; along with setting the resolution and frame rate to be equal to that of the video. And also having the codec set to an average bitrate of 36M. And it now comes up as the correct frame rate, 59 FPS.

I also tried to render the video with the Youtube preset at default setup; minus the resolution, frame rate, and GOP; and it also came out as 59 FPS.

So I think my custom presets are broken in some way, so I will have to redo them. But I will make a back up of them before I delete them.

Edit: I understand what you mean by automatic video mode now, so yes I am using that mode. But there isn’t a setting that will fit perfectly with the frame rate with my camera, so automatic will work fine.

Also I’m back to square one now with the video exporting. My custom presets keep on breaking every time I save them. But from what I can see the stock presets are working fine. As a temporary fix, I can create a text document that has all the settings listed for each tab and add those to the stock Youtube preset.

Settings - shotcut_2018-12-29_20-19-26
Very bottom of the list




It will remain set until you change your video mode to something else.

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Thanks Hudson for the clarification, I will give that a try for future videos.

Also, it should solve the problem with the frame rate in the export settings changing.

For best results:

  1. Create a custom video mode in Settings-Video Mode->Custom->Add
  2. Set the current video mode to that new custom mode
  3. Open/Edit your media
  4. Choose a stock export preset (and don’t change anything else)
  5. Export
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Looks like it’s been solved. I believe the frame rate of 59.9401, that Shotcut shows in properties for my “60 FPS” videos, is a rounded up number. Rendering videos in 59.940060 completely got rid of the 200+ FPS problem in the exported file.

So from now on, I will be using the method that Brian suggested in this thread. Thanks a bunch for helping me trouble shoot this issue sir!

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