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I have started using Shotcut a while ago to edit video about Dungeons & Dragons, and I would like to know what are the best practice to compose to different videos which have to become part of the same video.

This one is an example

Each character has been filmed alone, and I’ve then split the two videos so that there was a conversation happening between them.

I have put each video on a separate video track, and then used the split function to split each video in short clips, so to recreate the illusion of a conversation.

The process is time consuming, so I wonder if there is a better process to follow here.

If you film against the same background, you have to have the same camera placement, lightning and subject placement, a simpler background will be simpler to make look good.

In editing you place the video on each subject on a separate track and split and adjust each talking clip
disable the 2 subjects tracks and add 2 new track and drag the conversation clips from the disabled tracks in the right order into the new tracks.

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Thanks TimLau; what is the advantage of having four tracks instead of two?

V3 & V4 is just a staging area, where you prepare and cut the source recording of each person.
V1 & V2 is the destination where you place clip in the right order and timing.

After the clips are move to v1 & v2 , V3 & v4 is empty and can be removed.

It is just an example of a workflow, there are many other ways to do it.

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