Video Editing Help Wanted

Hi All,

As some of you know, I’ve been creating videos on YouTube for quite some time now. I use Shotcut to edit all my videos and I want this to continue. I love the community and want to keep on promoting this as ‘my’ editor (the editor that I use).

I’ve recently put adverts out to ask for some video editing help. I’m looking to ramp-up the quantity of videos I’m producing, but only have 1 pair of hands - and the editing time makes it a strain on achieving this.

It appears that anyone offering their services ‘professionally’ are well above what I can afford right now (and not using Shotcut, which goes against what I’d like). So I’m hoping someone here may be able to assist? I believe, for the right person, this could be a great opportunity, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide :slight_smile:

I’m not looking for the best or fastest video editing professional out there and I’m willing to help train you in Shotcut. I’m more interested in the person being reliable and having good communication, so we can progress together quickly.

You will get:

  • Training on Shotcut (if required)
  • Experience working with a content creator (me)
  • Experience using Shotcut to edit videos
  • Knowldge of how a content business works
  • Projects to work on that will grow your editing skills
  • Creative freedom - Im always up for trying new things
  • Your work will be viewed by hunderds (often thousands) of people
  • Paid - but I’m being honest, it will be more like pocket money right now

If the channel grows as expected, the position could develop into a real job, but this isn’t something you should hang your hopes and dreams on.

If you are interested, please send me a personal message or email me

Sounds interesting in general but also looks a bit contradictory in details:

If you look for the best or fastest video editing professional he/she wouldn’t need any training or help :wink:
I suppose you want the job done in SC, so there have to be already very good SC skills.
Also, imho editing is very individual - you have to know the whole concept and goal of the project to do the job to your liking. So it will be necessary that the person is completely involved in your projects and knows every little detail, esp. if you look for great results. I can’t imagine letting anybody else do my editing jobs when i compose a more complex video (a holiday report e.g. or any kind of product review).

I am eager to see how this works - keep us informed :wink:


I think you may have mis-read the ‘not’ part of my sentence. At least, it reads consistently to me.

Im happy to provide information you (or anyone) feels is necessary to get the job done, I think that would vary on an individual basis, but im very transparent in my approach. I’d prefer to work collaberatively than keep anyone in the dark.

Its part of scaling-up my offering. I’m simply looking at the most time-consuming elements of my day and seeing if I can get some help with them :slight_smile:

If you have any more questions, I’m happy to answer!

Yes, i’ve probably overseen the ‘not’-part of your sentence, sorry for that :wink:
I am afraid i dont have the time for the most time consuming part of the job.

I understand, thanks for your interest :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds great. Really nice to know that you are offering training in Shotcut. Lets keep this thread active.

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Hi @Tahir_Yousaf, welcome to the forum.

To submit your help request, you should start a new thread in the Help/How to category, instead of replying in an unrelated discussion.

Also, try to provide accurate informations about your problem, “my preview suks” is a bit vague.

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Thanks, he atleast used “u” in the “suks”, I have seen people using even “e” Instead of “u”. Now you are enough smart to understand @MusicalBox :wink:

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