Video Doesn't Upload

I know this isn’t a U-Tube forum, however. I have a 36 second clip,144 mb,a default export from Shotcut. Upload speed is 37 mbps. After a number of attempts to upload to U-Tube,one lasting 15 min, am I missing something?

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Aloha !

At the risc of sounding condescending, which is absolutely not my goal here;
You are right. This is not a YouTube forum. Also, you have given us zero information to work with. ‘It doens upload’ is as helpful as going to a bakery and ask for ‘something made out of dough’.

Having said that, uploading to YouTube has absolutely nothing to do where the video comes from. Shotcut, Adobe Premiere or your smartfone should all work fine.

Anyway. Do you get errors ? Is your vid flagged for copyright ? Did your vid end up in the unpublished list ? Did you see any errors ? Try to upload a different video, does that work ?

A two-and-a-half second Google search found this : YouTube Help
Perhaps you can go from there ???




My apologies, I was under the impression this was a “help” forum!!

This is a help forum for Shotcut.
Shotcut is a video editor.

I read & understood your post to be only about YouTube, and not Shotcut. Seeing as it sat for 3 days without a response, I believe others in here felt the same way.

@jecepede did an excellent job responding to you.

We are all users/volunteers here.

If your post is about Shotcut, please add a lot more detail about what you want help with. Using the forum search might be most helpful for you to start off with.

My apologies to the forum,I never meant to be rude because I certainty appreciate any assistance.
I guess my post was meant to question if the clip had been exported correctly.

best to all.!!

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