Video color messed up after exporting

So when I finally set up the OSB to record with the same colors I see on the monitor, I decided to make an edit to it with Shotcut - it is actually a test video

But anytime when I export the video, the video’s color goes… I think a bit co-co crazy. Shotcut has warned me that the video I imported uses another color settings that are “not friendly”. It is okay, but why? I mean, I use the incoming-outcoming (or outgoing, idk) effect at many points (the effect, that makes a “black” outgoing or incoming effect (at the timeline)) is not actually black, while as I know, it should be. For examples, I attached one image, that shows the original video caputed by OBS, and the edited video edited with Shotcut. There is a difference, while I did not really add any effects, just the incoming or outgoing effect. Is there a way to prevent this? Oh: the screenshots also contains my desktop, because the test video was made on the desktop, to check the colors.

Ui: it is a bit hard to actually see the differences between the images, but they are visible.

I do see the difference, the edited one is more saturated and has a little bit of tear artifact at window name of OBS.

This is because while export, you don’t use the correct colorspace. Go to the properties of the video and then check the format section, that would show the color space. And then set the same color space in the export.
Regarding the artifact, I don’t have the idea for it.

This word really confused me through the whole post, although I know you mean transition, but the use was in way that it makes it difficult to understand.

Small question, Did you get the screenshot at the time when it was having that transition.

What is you advanced video settings in OBS, you might have used something that is not compatible with shotcut and then you cant expect the colors to look the same on export

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