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I am a new user of Shotcut, so please excuse my lack of knowledge, and probably my incorrect terminology.
I am trying to create a video collage of my singing group. I have added 18 videos to the Timeline, and got them to line up OK.
I then wanted to put them on the screen in boxes, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of people doing this during this lockdown time. So I have added Size and Position filters to all videos. But… I only see one, two, maybe 3 or 4 of the squares when I playback the timeline. When I set up the Size and Position filters they show up in the correct size and place but the still from the video doesn’t show in them, and of course when I export, the videos don’t show there either.
Big question, but I don’t know how else to ask it. Can anybody help me?

Please post a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window (not just part of it) as this may help to provide some clue as to why it is happening.

thanks for looking at this

Click on a track to select it, then right-click and select “properties”. Check that the “Blend Mode” is set to “Over”.

Thanks for trying…yes it is set to Over

Have you by any chance switched off (the EYE symbol) track V1. If so switch it back on.

V18: You may have accidentally added Background color to the filter Size & Position.
Click on the color and set Alpha channel to 0.

If all of your video sizes are the same width x height, one thing that may help is adding a preset of that size. Click the + next to the preset drop down menu. This also saves the position as well, but you can always move to a different position, but the video will always be at that exact size every time, with no background color.

Hey, spot on! You are correct. This restored most of my screen. Does this EYE have to stay on all of the time? Does it have to stay on for every track? It is a terrible icon, so hard to see if it on or not.

I thought you were on to something here because I had played around with the background colour, wondering what it did. But checked every line and Alpha is 0 for all. Elussien has helped with the EYE symbol being switched off. Now I just have to figure out how this controls things.
Thaks for your efforts

All solved, thanks for those trying to help me. The Eye (so hard to see) on the V1 video was set to hide. The other probelm was I had applied a universal filter to some tracks when I should have done it to the individual sections.
Thanks again

I agree it is difficult to see on the system theme; the other themes’ icon collection make this better. We are not really in the business of making icons and use whatever the collections provide, but maybe a red x in the corner like the mute is easy enough to add.

The “EYE” symbol is used to effectively switch off a track, however every track blends with the clips on the bottom track (V1), so if you switch that track off there is nothing to blend with and you end up with the problem you were experiencing.

This change is made for the next version 20.09.

That is a good result. Thank you

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