Video Capacity

I’m going to cut the video through the program, is it possible to use 1.5TB video?

It’s a lot, I have used almost 19GB as the maximum in shotcut. First of all, You need to have a very fast write and read speed on your diskstation at least 10 to 15GB to get a normal performance, a lot of ram almost more than 128GB. Finally, what is the length of the video and what is the file type, what are your system specs?

Probably, but I doubt many people here have a file that big; I do not. Please try it and tell us if it worked.

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I’m going to cut a month’s worth of CCTV footage. The file format is avi format. Thank you for your answer.

I will!

Oh! I have never seen my CCTV capturing more than 200GB a month as it captures 480p, I think you might have a very high quality webcam. I wonder you have a large diskstation to edit because we can get only 10GB of speed on a diskstation which was almost 14000$ to 15000$ which has 100TB of storage in it. Maybe you should contact Linus Gabriel Sebastian

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