Video brightness changes when using transparent text overlay

Hi, I’ve made a video with a transparent text overlay. Incidentally I’ve applied a LUT to the video too. When the video does not display the text overlay, the video seems to dull slightly then when the overlay appears again the brightness of the video again, slightly increases.

The brightness change is subtle but just wondered on how I could remove/reduce this?

Version 19.07.15

I have applied the overlay across the entirety of the video in order to stop the fluctuation of brightness

I reproduce this as well but only when adding the LUT 3D on the clip. It is more easily visible in the Video Waveform scope. This is fixed for the next version 19.08.

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Is this matter really fixed? Using the latest Shotcut to date, this LUT brightness stuff is also happening with overlay videos (alpha lower third videos, for example)

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