Video blurry in project but not source

I decided to add this video clip to my project, and when I see the playback from the source, the video looks fine, but when I watch it in the project itself, it’s really blurry.

I’m using the most current version of shotcut, and my video setting is 1080p 60fps and there are no filters assigned to the clip. I’ve attached screenshots for reference. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

(Sorry, I had to join the screenshots together in Inkscape, since I can only post one picture at a time.)

You might have a blur filter applied on master.

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Brilliant! That was it, thank you. Somehow I keep ending up with filters being assigned to the Master- I keep removing them, but occasionally they pop up again and cause trouble like this- I need to learn to check that first. Thank you.

Pay attention to what is selected: it has a red outline. Also, pay attention to the header at the top of the Properties and Filters panels; they say what they are reflecting or affecting.

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