Video blinks after exporting MPEG


I’m creating videos for internal training purposes. After exporting video to MPEG forms, video blinks (cursor, bars, windows, etc.). If I use MOV-format, everything works fine, but size of the file is huge. I tried to change codec-settings and it affected blinking - it just changed form.

Is record screen by using OBS Studio. I have recorded videos in different format and problem stays.
Any good advices?


I don’t see any advantage to use Mpeg in fact.
You should go for h264 (or even h265 = HEVC if you use it on a computer only).

PS : blinking could come from framerates compatibility (source => output ?)

I want to use format that is easy to use for any computer (I upload videos to intra and people download them). Is HEVC good for common use (can you use Windows Media Player for example). I also checked and tried different framerates. Is there any good advices how to choose correct one?