Video black, no audio. So lost

Hello all, new to the scene. Finished a project and export went fine. Tried to upload it youtube then everything went down hill.
Video came back black after moving it to youtube, went to re export it from shotcut and now that whole video went black and the audio bars are showing but it not showing anything.
I tried using AnalyzeMLT app and editing what was in there but nothing. Ill add some pics and if sending the video helps I can do that aswell.
If anyone can help me it would greatly be appreciated

its also showing this if it helps

I have that file but its completely black with no audio

Somewhere on your computer, you either moved or deleted ep1final.mp4
Click the box for “Replacement” to tell Shotcut where to find your file.

Clicked on ep1final.mp4. Now the entire vid is black not even showing audio clips from before.

You need to click on the empty box next to the file name. You will be telling Shotcut where to find your file.

Scroll to the bottom of this post, as it will explain more in greater detail how to do this:

Ahhh. I see what you mean. Found the mp4 it was supposed to be linked to. Seems it corrupted
thats why the video isnt showing?
anyway to fix this?

Which export preset did you use? Sounds like it could be a format YouTube doesn’t understand.

exported using “youtube” from shotcut. made it an mp4 it looks like

Did you have “Use Hardware Encoder” set when you exported it? A lot of queries on the forum about “black” videos resulting fom the export are due to this. If so, export from your original project withiout using Hardware Encoding.

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