Video and Audio out of sync

I’m new to Shotcut; the editing stuff is working fine but every time I export the video as an mp4 it ends up with the audio slightly out of sync with the video. Viewing the edited file in Shotcut, it’s fine, but the mp4 is not. For export, I am confused by all the choices so I simply leave everything as default and press the export button. Can anyone help please? Many thanks.

There could be many reasons why it’s out of sync.

First to answer the Export settings, unless you know what you are changing, don’t change any settings. Just leave everything at defaults and export. There is no safety check to ensure all settings are proper. Shotcut just lets you make mistakes with settings, and it either works or it doesn’t. Understanding the various settings/terms can be googled to taking college courses to understand what everything means and does.

If your video has a variable frame rate (typically from cell phones), Shotcut, nor any video editor handles them very well. Shotcut may have prompted you to convert your video to Edit-Friendly, if it didn’t you may want to try that in the Properties tab/panel. When it converts, it creates a whole new video file, leaving your original untouched. Most of the time convert to edit-friendly works for most people to solve video/audio sync issues.

You can search in this forum for audio sync, and you’ll see a lot of discussions on how to solve the issue. I’m merely guessing your video is variable frame rate.

Here is an example of what it will show in the Properties panel.

Sometimes Shotcut may not be able to detect it’s actually variable frame rate and it will not show. But with a free software MediaInfo, it will show if there is variable frame rate every single time.

And this what a non-variable will look like.

Thanks for this. The video was created using the webcam I have mounted on my scree, and Shotcut did convert it at the start. I’ll run through the other things you mentioned, see if that takes me anywhere. Thanks again, much appreciated.

OK chaps, I seem to have found the problem. My webcam was recording at 30fps but Shotcut insisted that all the clips were 15.0xxxxfps. After editing I simply set the export rate to 30fps (ignoring everything Shotcut told me) and the result was spot on. Yay!

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