VFX in ShotCut

How do we put VFX (Visual Effects) into ShotCut videos? I am creating a film on a game, and I need to put in a fire, smoke, and explosion effect into the video. I started few days ago, so I have no idea where to get them. Do you guys have any idea where to get them and how to put them in? It would be really helpful as VFX adds a little more realism. But I have no idea how to get a video with transparent background… Or even how to put it in…

There aren’t many video formats that support alpha channel for transparent background (.mov is one of them), you are more likely to find “green screen” videos.

If your main video is on track V1 you put the “fire” video on track V2. If it has a transparent background then of course where it is transparent the corresponding pixels on V1 will show through.

If it is a “green screen” video you will have to make the specific colour (usually, but not necessarily green) transparent. You do that by applying a Chroma Key (Simple) filter to the clip on V2.

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