VERY laggy when editing (can't even click!)

Trying to edit and I am getting SO much lag, 1 frame every 10 seconds and I can not even click. I have 50% free CPU and my RAM is fine, same with my GPU… everything is fine, it is just lagging soo much.

Any solutions?

Hi, @SergeantYas. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you read the minimum system requirements part from the FAQ?

Hi, thanks for replying, I know it is not my PC’s specs that are messing it up though.

Sure but that link also has links for how to use Preview Scale and Proxy. Have you used them?

Can you send us a screenshot of the Properties panel for one of the video clips? The video format may be something inefficient for editing, like H.265 or something.

I cannot do it now, since I am on my phone. But I will send it tommorow.

@SergeantYas, in case you haven’t already, try both Preview Scaling and Proxy. The links for how to use them are in the link I gave you above.

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Ok I read it and I will try it out tommorow, thanks.

I tried it and it works so well, thanks so much!

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